the brain of your battery

We had developed smart BMS that will not only keep an eye on every cell in your battery pack, and prevent current surges, overheating, or overcharging but will also inform you of the state of your battery through an easy-to-read LCD and give you advice on how to prolong its life through a smart mobile and PC app.

Our BMS solutions are suitable for hobby EV builders, as well as for serious EV businesses.

integrated or


From e-bikes to electric cars, Torp BMS can be used in combination with any lithium-based battery pack. Keeping the specific requirements of our partners in mind, we had developed solutions for simple or more complex use.

torp 100V

Torp 100V BMS was first developed for Torp Bike. Now can be used with all low-voltage batteries (up to 100V). Torp integrated BMS offers Over-Charge and Over-Discharge protection, it is durable and has high-performance output.
Monitor the state of your battery through the smart mobile & PC App. All the stats can be viewed through an Easy-to-read LCD.
Torp 72V offers the best value for the money and it is perfectly compatible with TC500 Controller.

-300A peak
-Up to 100V
-WiFi&Bluetooth connection
-Balancing current: 300mA
-Over charge, over discharge and over temperature protection

torp master-slave architecture

Introducing stackable Torp Master-Slave BMS Architecture. Its high safety capability is designed especially for High-Voltage Battery Packs. The number of BMS-Slaves in a daisy chain can be virtually unlimited, which offers a wide expansion versatility. The system can be configured according to the user’s demand. Connections from BMS remote units to the BMS master are isolated to protect the BMS Master from the battery Voltages.
With Measurement Precision, Connection Reliability, Built-in charger control, and CAN compatibility you can be sure that no cell in your battery pack will be unmonitored.
We are known for cost-efficient in-house design, EU engineering, and always accessible support.

-Connections: virtually unlimited number of BMS-Slaves in a daisy chain
-Compatible with Li-ion, LiFePO4, Li-sulfur, LiPo, and Li-Titanate battery packs
-Sampling rate 50 ms
-Max balancing current 0,3 A
-Max number of cells 192
-Up to 800V
-CAN bus, USB port, WiFi, Bluetooth
-Data logging
-Charge/Discharge Current Protection
-Isolation detection & protection
-Thermal Management
-Contactor Control Output
-Warning and fault
-Current Protection




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