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May 7, 2020

electric bike Torp Bike

Spring is the time of the year when we all just can’t wait to pursue a new adventure. After the Covid-19 lockdown, we are even more eager to sit on the bike and escape to nature. Have you been considering an electric two-wheeler to be your new ride? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place, since we`ll be looking at what you should consider when buying an electric motorcycle.


As with a regular motorcycle, you should first determine what your new electric two-wheeler will be used for. Will it be used for the every-day commute to work and back? For a long weekend cruising? For racing? Enduro? Performing tricks? Or maybe motocross? The usage will determine the basic term: is the bike street legal? If it is not, you can forget traveling to work or taking a long vacation with it. On the other hand, off-road bikes are just that: built especially to overcome the rough terrain. It is easier to find a charging station on a high-way or in the city, as in the wilderness, so you should pay extra attention to the range of the off-road bike. A lot of dirt bikes have a removable battery, so you can bring a spare with you in case you run out of juice far from the nearest town.
Torp Bike might not be street-legal, but it is made for a good time in nature. You can jump, race, climb hills or perform tricks with it. It is a whole lot of a bike in a small package.


As we had mentioned above the range will tell you for how long or how far you can ride your two-wheeler on one charge. The range depends on the terrain and style of your driving, rider’s weight, weather conditions, temperature, and so on. The range will be shorter if you are forcing your e-bike on a steep hill, compared to a moderate ride on a road. So you should check the specs and see what is the range of the moderate/enduro ride. The range can be expressed both in the distance or in time. For instance, Torp Bike can take you for 2,5 h on a moderate ride or for a 1,5 h of racing on rough terrain. The max distance of a Torp Bike on a single charge is 110 km. Some e-bikes come with the software that can improve the bike`s performance, or have an option of the removable battery. Torp Bike has them both. These are some of the options you should consider when deciding on the right e-bike for you.


Yes, you read this right: with an e-bike the power is instant, and you will feel all of the force of your motorcycle with a twist of the throttle. The power of the e-bike is expressed in kilowatts. For an easier comparison to the regular bikes, you should multiply the kw with 1.34 and you will get an equivalent of horsepower. So, Torp Bike with ist 15 kw equates to 20,1HSP. Not bad..not bad at all. Due to the immense power, its light-weight, and instant torque of 300 N.m. we had decided to lock the Torp Bike in a beginner-mode for the first few kilometers, just enough for the rider to get used to the bike and to gradually increase the power of the bike. When buying, keep in mind the power of your new electric two-wheeler and your skill. Buy smart and safe.


Sooner or later the battery will get drained and you would have to stop for a recharge. Besides the range-anxiety, recharging time is the next in line for people not to consider buying an e-bike. There is no time for long pit-stops on your way. You can plan ahead and simply top up your battery during the night on an outlet at your home. In case you run out of energy on the road, you should look out for the public charging stations that are common in cities or at the gas stations on highways. Now, how long does it take for an e-motorcycle to recharge? Most brands specify time charging on a standard outlet. Recharging time varies from 0-80% and for 0-100%. Torp Bike can recharge to 80% as fast as in 30 min, but on the other hand it takes it 1,5 h for a full recharge. Manufacturers recommend using standard outlets and longer charging as by this you will preserve the battery. Quick-charging stations should be used only if absolutely necessary. When talking of charging stations, you should plan longer trips using the routs with charging stations along the way. This is how you will avoid knocking on the doors and asking to use an outlet at a stranger`s house.


This might not be the first thing to think about when buying an e-bike, but you should consider looking at the smart-tech available in your new e-bike. Today you can link your e-bike to your smartphone or computer and update it with all the newest features. You can track your rides, share your achievements, improve the performance… As the technology evolves, so should your two-wheeler, so make sure it can connect to other devices.


You should consider the sit-height and overall dimensions of the bike when buying it. You should feel comfortable sitting and controlling it, since only this way your rides will be safe and fun. When talking about the weight, you should know that the lighter the bike, the better the range with the same battery. As mentioned before, the weight of the bike is also important when considering what it is used for. For long cruising on a highway, the heavier e-bike will perform better and feel more stable. On the other hand, when going to nature or perform tricks, the lighter the better.


Everything is great until it is not. Warranty is obligatory for all e-bike manufacturers. Customer support, on the other hand, is that extra something that is either there or lacking. But how will you know what the support will be like before anything goes wrong? We suggest you ask the distributor or manufacturer questions about the bike, before buying. You will be able to see how responsive they are and how well they know their products. This will be a good indicator of what to expect in case you would really need their help.

We hope these tips will help you decide on buying your new e-bike. In the case, you are considering bringing a Torp Bike to your garage, here are all its specs.


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