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April 24, 2020

Torpedo factory and Torp electric bike

TORP Bike is not just an amazing piece of engineering. It is also a smart vehicle, for which are responsible Kristian Uljatovski and his team of programmers. They had been working on an app that is not just monitoring a state of the battery, but also gives tips to the user how to prolong battery life and extend the driving range of their bike. The information can be accessed through the web and mobile application, making it possible for you to keep an eye on your bike where ever you go.
We wanted to know a bit more about the man behind the computer screen, so we set down with Kristian for a short conversation.

You are a mechanical engineer, but here at TORP your main task is programming. How did this happen?

While studying to become a mechanical engineer, I realized I was more interested in electronics and programming. So I started to play with Arduino. There were also programming classes at my college, so I joined them. I found them interesting, and in the end, I specialized in programming. I can say the combination of engineering and programming has been a big help for me working at TORP.


Before working at TORP, did you have any experience with electric vehicles?

No, before TORP I didn’t have any experience with electric vehicles. But I did work on coding some micro-controllers, which ended up being a large part of my tasks here at TORP. I was always interested in the logic behind things, no matter what they are. My knowledge of engineering, electronics, and programming can be easily applied to different projects, and electric vehicles are no exception.


Let’s talk a bit about the new TORP bike. What were your main tasks on this project?

My main tasks were the development of the software and web and Android App for the Battery Management System (BMS) and the Controller. The main function of the BMS is the maintenance of the battery so we focused on refining algorithms for determining the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) of the battery. We had also implemented various security measures that prolong the life-span of the battery. There is a whole range of batteries and sensors on the market, so we had developed the software that can easily adapt to different batteries and sensors.

I think this makes our products interesting to the wide circle of users. High-quality electronic components and sensors in combination with sophisticated software make our products among the best on the market.
With the Windows and Android app, we wanted to create a simple option for the user to follow on what actually happens in BMS and present them with an easy-to-read data on SOC and other parameters.
When it comes to the Controller, we wanted to develop the software that accurately regulates the work of the electro-motor. As with the BMS, we wanted to create the software that will be compatible with the whole range of different electro-motors. The challenge was that every motor must be calibrated so we had developed a Windows and Android app that guides the user through the calibration process. In addition, the app allows you to follow the work of the motor in real-time.
How is TORP App different from similar apps on the market?

As I had already mentioned, the main task of the app is to monitor BMS. But this is not all: through the app, you can also change certain parameters and by doing so, perfect the work of the battery. Our main goal was to create an app that is most of all user-friendly. Apps on the market display a whole range of data, that an average user can’t read and interpret. We had been working hard on the interface, making it simple and appealing, displaying data in a way it can be easily read by anyone. The app also guides you through the settings and even gives you some tips on how to improve the work and lifespan of your battery.

What do you consider the biggest challenge of the project?

There were quite a few challenges. One of them lies in the fact that there is no easy way to determine SOC and SOH of the battery so it was no easy task to develop the algorithm. The second challenge was the Controller… We wanted to develop the high-efficient controller that will prolong the battery`s span, which results in a better range. I am proud to say, all challenges were handled successfully.

At the beginning you were alone, but in the end, you were joined by two more programmers. What have you been working on?

With my new team, we had perfected the web app, that allows users to monitor the state of the charge and discharge of the battery. The web app is a more basic form of the mobile app, that can be reached anywhere, even while driving through the woods. We are also working on the function that will allow the owners of TORP bike easy transition into a wheelie. There are loads of fun stuff we are continuously working on, and the users of our App are always updated since all new functions are transferred to them automatically.

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