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April 8, 2020

Torpedo factory and Torp electric bike

When Torp Company was founded four years ago, we had a vision of creating a perfect dirt-bike. It should be light and enduring, sturdy and eye-catching. And it should be able to race and jump and climb. Until now a bike like this has not been created, so we had decided to accept a challenge.

The Biggest Challenge: The Powertrain

Everything was revolving around the powertrain that should be powerful on one hand and not adding any extra weight to the frame on the other. We spent loads of time and money ordering parts from different manufacturers, trying to find a perfect combination. However hard we were trying, every time something was off. The parts were just not fitting as we wanted, resulting in the bike that was either too slow, had a short range or overheated quickly. We scratched the idea of combining different parts and decided we should develop the whole powertrain ourselves. So we had developed our own BMS, Controller and Battery Pack.

It took us more than two years and a few prototypes until we had reached a perfect ratio between weight and power. Since all the components were developed especially for the Torp Bike, they are seamlessly integrated into the frame, and in constant communication with each other. BMS and Controller are in-sync. BMS keeping an eye on every battery cell in the pack, and monitoring the state of charge of the Battery is sending the signal to the Controller, to adjust the work of the motor, according to the energy left in the battery. The Controller can gradually reduce the power of the motor even if only just one battery cell is empty, preventing it to suddenly shut down. Torp Battery pack is packing 1,8 kWh of energy and it weighs less than 8 kg, which makes it one of the most power-dense battery packs on the market. Combined with 15 kW electric motor and 300 N.m of instant torque on the back wheel, the TORP Bike is all about power!

We Ride Smart and Safe

We wanted the rides to be as smooth as possible so we didn’t want to leave anything to chance. We had created a desktop and mobile App, through which you can keep an eye on the state of your battery. Range anxiety is not found in our vocabulary since we always know how much juice our bike has left. The App can foresee the remaining range based on the SOC of the battery and on your previous driving efficiency. The App will also provide you with some easy tips and tricks on how to keep your battery healthy and how to get the most of your rides. We have loads of cool updates up our sleeves, and TORP Bike owners will receive them automatically through the app.

Due to the lightness of the bike, which weighs only 29 kg, and the incredible power that is instantly at the rider`s disposal, we had decided to create three power modes, Baby Blue, Rookie Green, and Bad Ass Red, that will unlock gradually with the distance you cross. This makes your first rides with the bike safe and exciting, giving you a feeling of achievement as the access to full power unlocks. Wanna lend your bike to an inexperienced driver? No problem, just lock it into the Baby Mode and let them enjoy an easy and safe ride.

One more cool feature is the removable battery. The battery is so light, it is easy to take a spare with you for the drive. Torp Battery has enough juice to take you on 2,5 h rides if you drive moderately. If you wanna try out the wild side of your Torp Bike, then the battery will serve you for 1,5 h. This is why the spare battery can always come in handy. If you don’t wanna an extra weight in your backpack, you can easily top your battery at any outlet. It will take you just 30 minutes to charge it to 80%, which is just enough time to catch a breath before you continue with the adventure. The battery will also partly recharge itself while driving, due to the regenerative braking, that can return up to 20% of the energy.


Is it a bicycle? No, it has no pedals? Is it a motorcycle? Well, it is propelled with an electric motor, so you could say so…Torp Bike is an innovative combination of two worlds, that keeps everyone guessing. Even though we are getting constant praise for the somehow robust frame of our prototype, we decided to design the aluminum frame of the Torp Bike to be elegant and frail-looking. But don’t let the look fool you: Torp Bike is robust enough to tackle races on rough terrain as well as hair-raising jumps. The secret lays in smart engineering of the frame in a combination with high-quality bicycle parts.

For Wilderness and Indoor Rides

Yes, you read that right: Torp Bike can be ridden inside. Well, we don`t mean you should ride it in your living room. Since there are no emissions and the noise is minimal, you can practice your tricks in a sports hall. Your neighbors will not be bothered if you ride Torp Bike on a field near the houses. But you will certainly get the most out of your e-bike in the wilderness, far away from people. There you`ll be able to reach the full speed of 80 km/h, climb rocks, jump ower streams and let the adrenaline flow through your veins.

Torp Bike is a perfect example of what our team can do. The bike will be produced and available for EU Market by the end of 2021. By the end of 2020, you will be able to order an innovative Controller and BMS for your own e-bikes. There are loads of other projects we are working on at the moment, so stay tuned!

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