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March 11, 2020

Torpedo factory and Torp electric bike

As soon as the new TORP Bike was ready for a release, we decided it has to be filmed. We were excited to show it to the world in the best light possible. Since TORP Bike is an unique bike, design and performance vise, we wanted to work with someone who will understand the story behind it, and who will be able to capture its power and elegance. This is where Mateo Jurčić and his crew of photographers come in. The filming was directed by Russian director Artem Dushkin, who left his distinctive mark on the end product.

Mateo says he fell in love with a filmography as a little kid, and through the years love grew and became an essential part of his life, a medium through which he can unleash his imagination and creativity.

Mateo, you’ve been working on numerous projects related to entertainment and culture. We could say that the TORP Bike is something completely different. How did it come to the collaboration with TORP Company?

It was quite simple: Teo Žikić, the CEO at TORP liked my work, so he asked me for a meeting. We discussed the ideas I had, he liked them and the rest is history.

TORP Bike is an electric bike. Were you a fan of electric vehicles before this project?

I`ve been a fan of Tesla cars and new technology in general for years. I am really happy that the development of technology goes in the way of the greener and more sustainable future, making our vehicles less harmful to the environment. When I heard that there is a company working on electric vehicles in my home town Rijeka, I had been honoured to be invited to participate in this project. Especially when the team behind the company is young and as enthusiastic about electric mobility as I am.

The first footage was shot in a studio. What was the idea you wanted to present to the public?

We wanted to present the feeling of the explosion that is happening at the moment in the fast-developing technology, some kind of a “boom effect”. The video is highly dramatized, making spectators shiver in the presence of technology presented. At the same time we wanted to show the bike as a tool that can change your everyday life.

Creating such a dramatic video, there must have been some fun behind the scenes moments.

The filming went by great. The team we worked with was fun. Sanel Isanović from Level52 worked on the lighting, which was one of the essential parts of the video. The guys from TORP were of great help, getting a rotating podium for a bike to stand on. TORP guys are a really meticulous team: before and after each scene they were wiping the bike clean, making sure there is not a trace of dust on it. They were so proud to see their “baby” in the lime-lights. Well, there were moments when we couldn’t get them away from the bike, so they could be seen in some shots. Were they just admiring their work, or they wanted to be part of the video? We will never know.

This video was shot in a studio, the next one will be shot outdoors, showing the TORP Bike in all its mighty. What are the challenges of shooting a racing bike?

Filming a moving object had progressed a lot in recent years and is not that difficult to do. If we want to shoot a moving bike, we must be moving along it. Our focus will be to show the power of the bike. TORP Bike is a light vehicle that can do a lot. We can`t talk details just yet, so stay tuned for our next installment.

So what can we expect from your next project with TORP?

We as a production company, enjoy working on innovative projects, created by young and enthusiastic people that we can relate to. The main goal is always to present the product in its best light. We can promise in our next collaboration with TORP we will step out of our comfort zone, bringing to our clients and to the public something unexpected and exciting.

Production: Lumiere Production

Directing & Editing: Artem Dushkin DP

Editing & Color Grading: Mateo Jurčić

Sound Design: Lumiere Gaffer

Sound Mixing: Sanel Isanović (Level 52)

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