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The Lightest electric bike in the world




Lightweight but sturdy

Only 29 kg

Designed and built in our workshop to ensure the highest quality standards. 6061 alloy welded by experts,  gives it lightweight but sturdy structure to ensure safe riding.

The suspension is specifically developed by Fox supporting the category of hi-performance at minimum weight.

Our frame’s geometric design with low centre gravity provides exceptional stability. The aluminum center makes the bike light and easy to maneuver while providing ideal weight distribution for optimal riding conditions.

More power

In-house battery developed for more output power 

13 kW brushless  motor with active cooling in cooperation with 1,6 kWh battery provides enough power for real of-road expirience.

Powered by a 90 Volt, 15Ah battery for torque and range, conducted by specifically developed and tuned software, for the controller to bring most of dynamic performance.

When slowing down or stopping, regenerative braking can be activated, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is then fed back into the battery pack, enhancing range and ride time.

With over 300 N.m at the back wheel available from zero RPM, the M13 is really all about the power.


Torp Control Unit

Three operating modes let you choose how fast you want to go. From expert driver to beginer mode for easy start. Each operating mode has it’s own colour so you know in which mode you are. Modes are easily switched while riding so you don’t have to stop just to choose different mode.

Integrated BMS is built for high modularity. Built in Wi-fi, blutetooth and GPS with for accurate connection and tracing data with smartphone.

All updates for bike software are done via OTA (Over the air).




What we do


The lightest and powerfull electric bike ever.

BMS (Battery management system)

Our integrated battery management solutions provides unique features such as high modularity and low maintenance cost.


In-house built battery pack desing for each individual project.


Torp controller technology developed to significantly reduce waste of energy and to improve efficiency.

TORP is a young company with a deep passion for technology, electric vehicles and batteries. Our first product is an electric bike, through which we will showcase our knowledge and skills.

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